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At Catering Dynamics, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality of food for every meal. Working directly with TV and Film productions, we are available to cater for small and large productions, Based in south Wales, our team's are always happy to travel anywhere within the UK and we are dedicated to offering reliable catering services that meet the unique needs of each Production. Our commitment to you remains at the highest standard, we ensure every dish is crafted with care and precision. Location catering at its finest.


The most important meal for any hard working crew.


We provide a full traditional English breakfast and continental breakfast.

Fresh fruits, yoghurts, platters and pastries.

Porridge with toppings, overnight soaked oats, Greek yoghurt and granola these extras change daily.


Fresh coffee, fruit juices, toast and so much more.




With a new menu everyday, boasting something for everyone, regardless of allergies or dietary requirements.


Our chefs are talented in more than just a handful of cuisines. We consistently offer multiple cuisines daily.

Our menus will always consist at a minimum of 4 options.

(meat, fish, veggie and vegan)

with appropriate sides.


Cold deserts, hot puddings, salads and platters.



Good quality and varied snacks is just as important for crew morale.,


Healthy mid-morning snacks available consisting of fresh fruit and biscuits.


Afternoon snacks consisting of sandwiches, wraps and baguettes, with varied fillings.

Crisps, chocolate bars, flapjacks, savory and sweet products. 


Evening hot snacks available for night shoots, with a big emphasis on street food, we aim to please with exceptional varied options available across many different cuisines.


How we deliver

Being able to provide exciting, delicious and nutritious food is a passion for us, however cooking the food is only half of what we do. The foundations of what we do revolves around logistics, planning , time management and organization. we achieve this by working and adapting to the needs of the crew/production, and we do this with equal enthusiasm. 

“Catering Dynamics can accommodate to the dietary requirements and needs of any crew ”


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Catering Dynamics

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About us

With years of experience in the industry, we are becoming known for our commitment to quality and innovation. Our team of experienced chefs and FOH specialists work closely with productions to tailor our services to their specific needs, ensuring every production we cater for is memorable for its exquisite food and seamless service. From sourcing the finest ingredients to presenting beautifully crafted dishes, we go above and beyond what is expected.